Vicente Carrillo (PGP: He, His, Him) is an English Major and an LGBT Studies minor. He is a McNair Scholar and has been working on a research thesis under the mentorship of Professor Alicia Gaspar de Alba. His research critically engages with queer and performance theory in an attempt to understand queer of color experiences as they relate to Los Angeles communities. This upcoming fall, Vicente will be starting his Ph.D. program at UCLA in the Chicana/o Studies Department. His goal is to expand on his current research and survive the first year of grad school.”

Asra Khan (PGP: She, Her, Hers) is a fourth year Psychology major who is notoriously keen when it comes to interpreting body language. When she’s not out saving our world, she likes to read philosophy, practice heart-centered meditation and seek out different types of thrill-seeking adventures. Asra is passionate about LGBT rights in Muslim countries, animal rights and most importantly vegan doughnuts! She hopes to become a culturally sensitive school psychologist and keep her interesting sense of humor, as she gracefully grows older in the years to come.


Elias Lawliett (PGPs: They/Them) is a Gender Studies major and an LGBT Studies minor. They are currently involved in original research on the transgender community under guidance from UCLA’s William’s Institute. Their current project involves qualitative explorations of transgender narratives, and how they support or deviate from commonly-used medical models. Eli will be applying to graduate schools in the fall, and hopes to continue studying issues relevant to the transgender community in a Sociology program.

Jesus Lira (PGP: He, Him, His) is a Gender-Chicanx Double Major and LGBT Studies minor, and is currently an Academic Advancement Program’s Community Development Social Justice (CDSJ) Research Program Scholar. His previous research projects include, queer voices within the prison abolition movement, and he is currently working on an ethnographic research study on police violence on transwomxn of color. He hopes to attend a dual program for graduate school in gender studies and social welfare to work with queer youth of color and Aces also loves to scroll through tumblr, dip oreos in champurrado, and adventure the city’s hidden gems.”

Christian Maldanado (No PGP preference) is an Art major at UCLA who is currently working in performance and digital media. His work is affected by the multiple cultures he straddles as a bilingual Mexican-American and an effeminate male. Christian researches the performativity of gender in other art forms like Kabuki theater and Cabaret style drag and is informed by it as well. Christian aims to take his work from gender performance and explore the spectrum of gender outside of binary thinking to create or design other gender forms.”

Saúl Quintero is a third-year transfer from East Los Angeles College, and is a Chicana/o Studies and Art History Major. In 2014 he participated in the Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship Program and Summer Academy at LACMA where he served as a curatorial intern. His research interests include L.A.’s murals, as well as prints (from German artist Dürer to the contemporary Chicana and Chicano print-markers in L.A.); In addition to this research, Quintero is most recently exploring queer art and artists in L.A.

Andres Serrano (He, His, Him, Queer) is a queer Chicano Pocho born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He recently received his B.A. in Spanish and Chicana/o Studies from UCLA. Besides being an active student leader on campus, he enjoys queer literature, exploring Chicana/o politics of the Bay Area, and creative writing. On his free time he enjoys listening to the dedications on the Art Laboe Connection and spending time with his two rescue pitbulls. Andrés currently resides in Los Angeles.

Esmeralda Vasquez (PGPs: she, her, hers) is currently in the process of obtaining her Anthropology degree and recently decided to expand her studies by perusing an additional Education minor. In her time at UCLA, she has received an on campus internship with the Act for Equality club, which is an organization of activists that not only fights for the equality of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people but also promotes empowerment through women’s rights. She looks forward to beginning her community service this summer as an Educational volunteer at the La Brea Tar Pits, giving museum tours to eager visitors. Esmeralda hopes that with these experiences she can integrate activism, anthropological research, and museum education in her future career. ”

Kayleigh Wade (PGPs: Female neutral/Queer) is a queer Chicana mujer and first-year transfer student from Lynwood, CA in Southeast Los Angeles. Her major is Chicana/o Studies and her prospective minors are Education and LGBT Studies. Her interests revolve around critical race theory, going to shows, zines, ceviche, dogs, planning tattoos, and writing. Her research interests include first generation queer Latinx students and how their identities are expressed in different locations, Latinxs and tattoos, and nonblack Latinxs being raised by an African American parent in a biracial household. Say hi!


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